Subscription Whitelist

Create a list that your twitch subscribers can add their username to and/or
Add your name to a list setup by the streamer you watch.



Updates list depending on subscriptions status, can limit list on subscription type: Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3

Ability to add custom names to list that always will be present


Supports a bunch of different formats for the list: newline, csv & json array

Minecraft: Verifies name against Mojang and have lists based on the returned username, auto updates on name change & minecraft whitelist format

SteamID: Allows for a list of SteamID64 in the standard formats for use, users need to connect their Steam and then allow the use of the ID on the list.

Open Source

This project is open source, the source links can be found on the about page. If you have an issue or want a new feature it's the place for it.

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